Train, buy and sell digital soccer players


Frequently asked questions 

Can I prepare myself before the start?

You can do some things, yes. You can check out our page or newsletter for any news and you can install Metamask browser plugin. And very important: If you have any wishes for the game: Please let us know: Your feedback is important to us: Contact us

What is CryptoLeague?

CryptoLeague is a Blockchain based soccer manager. You can build your own club and buy and sell players. In daily matches you have to push your team to the win. At the end of the season you could win the championchip. For detailed information take a look at about us

What is the diffrence between this other Crypto games?

Most of them are really good. But we also must say, that they all deal with the topic of collecting rare things. We don’t only want rare things. We want rare things with a good functionality on the soccer court. So if you buy a player at CryptoLeague he can play for your team and shoot goals. He also can get better and you can sell him for more money later on.

When does the game starts?

Currently we don’t have a fix release date. But it should happen in 2018. We are highly working on the game. But it also should be good, so the waiting should be worth it. We will keep you informed. The best is to subscribe to our newsletter