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How did we get the idea of CryptoLeague? And who are we?

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How did we get the idea of CryptoLeague? And who are we?

May 31, 2018 10:57 am

Our Story begins...

First of all I would like to introduce us. We are Simon, Pascal and Julius. We are the founders of CryptoLeague. Most of our working career we worked for great eCommerce players in Germany. But we are also highly interested in new technologies. So what comes next? Of course: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. In our opinion a great chance for the modern world. But in this blog post we won’t say too much about currencies and technologies. We plan to write an own article for it very soon.


So the question of questions: When and where did we get the idea of CryptoLeague?


It was December 2017. Simon and I drank a beer in Hamburg and ate the best burger in town (Check out Bucks Burger in Hamburg). We talked about our jobs and also about some new trends. When Simon said that there is a new possibility to use cryptocurrencies in a browsergame, I was fascinated. What did he mean? Answer: Cats! What the hell? Really? I was disappointed and also excited. The first thing when I was back home was to check this page out. And it was pretty good, nice images, clean homepage: Cool.

The game begins: Install Metamask, send ETH to the wallet, buy a cat and then …? Aehm yeah: Buy another cat. I thought: Cool, but what comes next? Of course I could sell it and buy a better one and so on. But what is the difference to normal cryptocurrency daytrading?  Don’t get me wrong. The idea is great with such a big potential. I called Simon and said to him: What if we make a game based on blockchain but with more functionality and a topic which is even cooler than cats and pets. What about a soccer manager. You buy unique players and can train them and sell them. My dream was to have a game in which the user can build his own club and like in the real world he can buy young talented players and make expensive superstars out of them or you can be the FC Bayern and buy superstars to win the championchip.

Simon was excited too - so we made some concepts and talked to some developers till we found our great partners for that. It was some hard work and it is still hard work to get the game logic nice and smooth. I won’t get to deep into game topics because also for that we will inform you step by step so you have all the information for CryptoLeague and you only have to start when we are live.


So please, be part of CryptoLeague, soon you can play an enjoy it. We will give you a weekly update for our game. For all other news: Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter. I promise: Only good news in our Newsletter 😉




Pascal from CryptoLeague