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The future of gaming


The future of gaming

August 10, 2018 2:58 pm

The future of gaming

With cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and smart contracts, the world is changing. It is just a matter of time until games like CryptoLeague won’t be that special. New technologies give so much room for innovation, whether in games, in finance or in notarial context.


Image a game like Diablo: Since the most successful Diablo 2, there were so called „unique“ items. ‘Unique’ means that only one of those items can drop per game. But as soon as you leave the game and rejoin, you can find it again. Maybe your next door neighbor, who is also playing Diablo, has the exact same „unique“ item in his chest. This is a very strange interpretation of the word „unique“!


In games like CryptoLeague, unique literally means unique. Every player exists only once – if you have him, nobody else can have him (as long as you don’t sell the player to him). So far, this is true for CryptoKitties as it is for CryptoLeague. But in CryptoLeague, your players are worth a lot more than some bucks in cryptocurrency. You can use them, set them up in your team, win with them – and, of course, train them, make them better, resell them. It is a bit like Magic the Gathering, but with uniques all over the place! Who needs Uncommons and Rares if you can have a set of uniques!


We, the team behind CryptoLeague, are so thrilled about these new possibilites that we decided to make a game utilizing this. We hope you are excited too. Stay tuned!