Train, buy and sell digital soccer players


Own your players

CyptoLeague is the first online soccer manager in which you own your players in the blockchain. You can buy players on the transfer market. Players are unique. As in reality, every player has its strengths and weaknesses. Build up your team, work out the potentials and win the league.

Manage your team

CryptoLeague plays like a full soccer manager online game. Line up your players, choose your strategy and face the opposing team. Analyze your games, then adjust and improve. You can train your players to make use of their strengths – or you send out your talent scouts, have a look at the transfer market. Maybe you will find your next, eagerly awaited left defender.

Discover potentials

You need a good forward? Have a look at the transfer market. Maybe you’re lucky to find a top scorer at an acceptable price. Or you get a younger, cheaper player and improve him over time. WIth help of training, you can build up the star player of tomorrow.